How Often Should You Schedule HVAC Maintenance?

It is highly recommended that you take the necessary steps to maintain your home air conditioning and heating systems at least once a year. This is true regardless of the type of equipment you have. It is best to inspect, clean, and repair your heating system in the fall and your air conditioning system in the spring. If you have a diesel-powered system, it should be serviced annually at the start of each heating season.

The frequency of maintenance is just as important as scheduling it. If you have a standard central air conditioner or oven, they should be serviced annually. If you have a heat pump system that you use year-round, it should be serviced every six months. It is best to plan maintenance before you need your system so that it can operate at peak performance.

A neglected system will have to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, resulting in higher energy costs. When the air conditioning system is running, dust and dirt can accumulate in key areas such as condensing coils and air filters. This can lead to an uneven temperature in different rooms of your home. Professional maintenance can alert you to these types of problems so that repairs can be done right away.

Regular maintenance can also extend the life of your HVAC system. Checks should include more than just testing to make sure all components are working properly. David Kenyon, project consultant for the Sears Home Services HVAC Department, recommends this essential maintenance as it goes beyond simple tasks such as changing the air filter or making sure your outdoor unit is free of obstructions. During these periods, HVAC professionals are less likely to be outside dealing with emergency calls, so you can schedule maintenance whenever you want.

However, if your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is not maintained at least once a year, you could put both the system and the comfort and health of your family at risk.

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