7 Steps to Prepare for Air Conditioner Installation

When it comes to installing an air conditioner, there are a few steps you should take to ensure the process goes smoothly. Cleaning and ventilating the ducts, leaving room for the air conditioning system, and determining the correct size are just a few of the factors you should consider. Here are seven steps to prepare for air conditioner installation.1.

Clean and ventilate the ducts

: Before the new unit reaches your home or business, clear the area of clutter and obstacles so that installers have room to work in the designated room or rooms. Before the new unit can be installed, the old ducts must be cleaned and ventilated.

Dirt, dust, and other debris from ventilation grilles can be hazardous to the newly installed air conditioning unit. Dirt and dust will also affect air quality.2.

Leave room for the air conditioning system

: Don't hesitate to move side tables, chairs, vases, slippery rugs, toys, sofas, and other items from their starting positions, especially if they are blocking the straightest and shortest path to the room.3.

Dust and dirt particles

: Dust and dirt particles that have accumulated in the ventilation grilles can damage your new air conditioning unit once they enter it.4.

Choose a contractor

: Before hiring an expert to install your air conditioner, make sure you know what type of unit you have and which one is best for your specific needs.5.

Determine the correct size

: To determine the correct size, contractors use a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) load calculation.6.

Check SEER rating

: Jay Kline, CEO of Penguin Air, Plumbing & Electrical, recommends checking the seasonal energy efficiency index (SEER) of a system before buying it.7.

Consider exposure

: When installing your air conditioning unit, consider exposure to direct sunlight and water, as well as obstructions in the area. These are just a few of the factors you should consider when finding the best contractor for your air conditioning installation. If you don't want to install the window air conditioner yourself or prefer a unit that extends through the wall, you have options. A traditional system, for example, consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit that filters cold air through ducts.

A ductless system, by contrast, uses individual fans inside the house instead of ducts to supply cold air. Central air conditioners (also known as whole-house air conditioners) offer a quiet, energy efficient way to keep your home cool. If you're ready to install that new air conditioning unit just in time to avoid the hottest summer months, then you need an air conditioning installation in East York done by AccuseRV Heating and Air Conditioning. By considering the type and size of your window, you'll be able to determine what type of window unit is the right air conditioner for.

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